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Who is the Best Chef in the World 2022?

Who is the Best Chef in the World 2022?

The 6th edition of THE BEST CHEF AWARDS, powered by Perlage, returns to Spain.

The 6th edition of THE BEST CHEF AWARDS, powered by Perlage, returns to Spain.

This time it will be on September 18, 19 and 20 in the capital city - Madrid. As usual, the great international gastronomic event will include the AREA TALKS debates, the FOOD MEETS SCIENCE conference and will close with the grand AWARDS GALA where we will discover this year's list of the best 100 chefs in the world.

To be held in Madrid

It is no secret to anyone that gastronomy is a fundamental pillar of Spanish culture and this year, Madrid will be in charge of hosting professionals, journalists, foodies and chefs from all over the world for a new edition of The Best Chef Awards. After successfully celebrating editions in Warsaw in 2017, Milan in 2018, Barcelona in 2019, a virtual edition in 2020 and the great return to Amsterdam in 2021, Madrid will become the center of the culinary world.

This year's guests will be able to exchange knowledge with their colleagues from each continent and discover their great projects while enjoying one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, full of history, culture, art and home to several of the best restaurants and chefs in the world, including no. 1 of The Best Chef Top100 2021, Dabiz Muñoz.

THE BEST CHEF works every day to promote gastronomy and the talent of chefs, in a fresh, modern and inclusive way, and Madrid city and the region of Madrid are a choice that perfectly reflects these values. A vibrant destination and an undeniable gastronomic capital of the world.

“Madrid city and the region are amazing - full of culture, flavors, amazing chefs, and projects worth sharing. Every time we visit, we leave in awe of the gastronomic level and for us it is an honor to be able to host the next edition of The Best Chef Awards there”-

Joanna Slusarczyk, one of the creators of THE BEST CHEF.

“I could not imagine a better combination than meeting the top-level kitchen and our Perlage water. And all this in the wonderful, lively Madrid and the region - famous for its sophisticated style and top-quality cuisine. For Perlage, it is a natural environment, and I am excited that guests from all over the world will be able to take part in this amazing event and culinary journey with us”

Dorota Weka, Co-founder and Creative Director Perlage Brand.

All candidates announced. Now it is time to vote!

Starting on March 11th and for 50 days, THE BEST CHEF announced two candidates per day via their social media channels. These new candidates were carefully selected by 120 independent experts from the gastronomic world and now join the chefs of the Top100 2021 to result in a total of 200 eligible candidates for the voting process.

On May 11th, the voting process will begin, where all the chefs included in last year's list - in addition to the group of independent professionals mentioned above - and the new 100 candidates will be invited to vote for their colleagues to name the TOP100 AWARDS 2022.

Photo: Best chef

New awards

This year The Best Chef gives out 13 special awards on top of the famous top100 list. It’s a way to offer special recognition to chefs that stand out in specific areas or subjects. The awards include, amongst others, Best Chef Pastry, Best Chef Rising Star, Best Chef Science and Best Chef New Entry.

On this edition three new awards will be presented: The Best Chef Pristine Award powered by Gin Raw, given to a chef celebrated for his or her utmost respect for and use of the highest quality of local produce at a terroir-based restaurant.

The Best Chef Innovation Award, powered by Custom Culinary®, is dedicated to a chef that shows new ideas, methods, trends and leads the way for others within the global culinary world. And last but not least The Best Chef Dining Experience Award powered by Ron Matusalem - this award is dedicated to a chef who provides the perfect service in the dining room, creating an outstanding and exquisite experience.


...is a vibrant community of food lovers. A project dedicated to honoring the talented chefs who create the best gastronomic experiences around the world, as well as being a global family of people united by a common passion, cultivating, and sharing culinary knowledge. The objective of The Best Chef is to unite thinkers and leaders in the world of gastronomy and highlight their process worldwide.

Perlage is a brand of sparkling water, extracted from the spa region in Poland, that places the respect of the local history and rich cultural heritage. Perlage has been cooperating with The Best Chef Awards since 2019.

Candidates for the top 100

Adam Dahlberg & Albin Wessman (Sweden)

Adoni Luis Aduriz (Spain)
Agustin Balbi (Argentina)
Ákos Sárközi (Hungary) NEW

Alain Passard (France)
Albert Sastregener (Spain) NEW

Alberto Landgraf (Brasil) NEW

Alex Atala (Brasil)
Alexandre Couillon (France)

Alexandre Mazzia (France) NEW

Álvaro Clavijo (Colombia) NEW

Ana Roš (Slovenia)
Anatoly Kazakov (Russia)

Andreas Caminada (Swiss)

Andrew Walsh (Ireland) NEW

Ángel León (Spain)

Anne-Sophie Pic (France)

Antonia Klugmann (Italy)

Antonio Romero (Spain)

Antonio Zaccardi (Italy) NEW

Arnaud Lallement (France)

Arnaud Bignon (France) NEW

Arnaud Donckele (France)

Atsushi Tanaka (Japan) NEW

Bertrand Grébaut (France) NEW

Björn Frantzen (Sweden)

Brian Mark Hansen (Denmark) NEW

Bruno Verjus (France) NEW
César Ramirez (USA) NEW
Chef Fei (China) NEW

Christian Bau (Germany) Clare Smyth (UK)
Corey Lee (South Korea) Dan Barber (USA)

Dani Garcia (Spain) NEW
Daniel Calvert (UK)
Daniel Humm (Swiss)
Dave Pynt (Australia)
David Munoz (Spain)
Deborah Fadul (Guatemala) NEW

Deepanker Khosla (India) NEW

Dennis Huwae (Netherlands)

Diego Guerrero (Spain)

Diego Rossi (Italy) NEW

Dieuveil Malonga (Rwanda)

Disfrutar (Spain)
Domenico Marotta (Italy) NEW

Dominique Crenn (France)

Dong Zhenxiang (China) NEW

Duan Yu (China) NEW
Dylan Watson (Canada) NEW

Ed Verner (New Zeland) NEW

Edip Sigl (Turkey) NEW
Edson Yamashita (Brasil) NEW

Eiji Taniguchi (Japan) NEW

Elena Reygadas (Mexico)

Emma Bengtsson (Sweden)

Emmanuel Renaut (France) NEW

Eneko Atxa (Spain)
Enrico Crippa (Italy)

Eric Vildgaard (Denmark)
Eyal Shani (Israel) NEW
Fatih Tutak (Turkey) NEW
Felix Lo Basso (Italy) NEW
Fernando Rivarola (Argentina) NEW
Fina Puigdevall & Martina Puigvert (Spain) NEW

Floriano Pellegrino (Italy)

Francisco Ruano (Mexico) NEW
Friso Van Amerongen (Netherlads) NEW

Gaggan Anand (India)
Gareth Ward (UK) NEW
Garima Arora (India) NEW
Gerald Passedat (France) NEW
Gert De Mangeleer (Belgium)
Giovanni Solofra (Italy) NEW
Giuseppe Iannotti (Italy) NEW
Gonzalo Aramburu (Argentina) NEW
Grant Achatz (USA)
Gregoire Berger (France)
Guillaume Galliot (France)
Hans Neuner (Austria)
Helena Rizzo (Brasil)
Hélène Darroze (France) NEW
Henrique Sa' Pessoa (Portugal)
Heston Blumenthal (UK)
Himanshu Saini (India)
Hiroyasu Kawate (Japan)
Hrvoje Kroflin (Croatia) NEW
Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy (Russia)
Jacob Holmström & Anton Bjuhr (Sweden) NEW

Jacob Jan Boerma (Netherlands)
Jaime Pesaque (Peru)
James Gaag (Germany) NEW

Jan Sobecki (Netherlands)
Javi Olleros (Spain) NEW
Javier & Sergio Torres (Spain) NEW

Jefferson Rueda (Brasil)
Jeremy Chan (UK) NEW
Jessica Rosval (Canada) NEW
Jimmy Lim Tyan Yaw (Taiwan) NEW

Joan Roca (Spain)
João Oliveira (Portugal) NEW
John Shields (USA) NEW
Jonathan Zandbergen (Netherlands)

Jonnie Boer (Netherlands)
Jordi Cruz Mas (Spain)
Jordi Vilà (Spain) NEW
Jorge Vallejo (Mexico)
Joris Bijdendijk (Netherlands)
José Avillez (Portugal)
Josh Niland (Australia) NEW

Juan-Luis Martinez (Peru) NEW
Julien Royer (France)
Julio Martin Báez (Argentina) NEW

Junghyun Park (South Korea) NEW

Kamilla Seidler (Denmark) NEW

Karen Torosyan (Belgium) NEW

Karime Lopez (Mexico)
Kirk Westaway (UK) NEW
Kristian Baumann (Denmark) NEW

Kyle Connaughton (USA) NEW

Leonor Espinosa (Colombia)
Manu Buffara (Brasil)
Marco Müller (Germany)
Mario Sandoval (Spain) NEW
Marsia Taha Mohamed (Bolivia) NEW

Martin Berasategui (Spain)

Massimiliano Alajmo (Italy)
Massimo Bottura (Italy)
Matias Perdomo (Uruguay) NEW

Mauro Colagreco (France)
Mauro Uliassi (Italy)
Maxime Gilbert (France) NEW
Michael Van Der Kroft (Netherlands) NEW

Michelangelo Mammoliti (Italy)

Mickael Viljanen (Sweden) NEW

Mingoo Kang (South Korea) NEW

Mitsuharu Tsumura (Peru) NEW

Moreno Cedroni (Italy) NEW

Mory Sacko (France)

Natsuko Shoji (Japan) NEW
Nick Bril (Netherlands)
Nicolai Nørregaard (Denmark) NEW

Niki Nakayama (Japan) NEW
Niko Romito (Italy)
Nino Di Costanzo (Italy)
Noah Sandoval (USA) NEW
Norbert Niederkofler (Italy)
Nozomu Abe (Japan) NEW
Pablo Rivero (Argentina) NEW
Paco Morales (Spain)
Paco Pérez (Spain) NEW
Paco Roncero (Spain)
Paolo Casagrande (Italy)
Paul Pairet (France) NEW
Paulo Airaudo (Argentina) NEW

Pedro Bargero (Argentina) NEW

Peter Goossens (Belgium)
Peter Tempelhoff (South Africa) NEW

Pia Leon (Peru)
Przemysław Klima (Poland)
Quique Dacosta (Spain)
Rafa Costa e Silva (Brasil)
Rasmus Kofoed (Denmark)
Rasmus Munk (Denmark)
Rene Redzepi (Denmark)
Ricard Camarena (Spain) NEW

Ricardo Chaneton (Venezuela) NEW

Riccardo Camanini (Italy) NEW

Rodolfo Guzman (Chile)
Rodrigo Oliveira (Brasil) NEW

Sang Hoon Degeimbre (Belgium) NEW

Santiago Lastra (Mexico) NEW

Selassie Atadika (Ghana)
Shinobu Namae (Japan) NEW

Sidney Schutte (Netherlands)
Soenil Bahadoer (Netherlands)
Søren Selin (Denmark) NEW
Stefano Baiocco (Italy) NEW
Sung Anh (South Korea) NEW
Sven Elverfeld (Germany)
Syrco Bakker (Netherlands)
Szabina Szulló & Tamás Széll (Hungary) NEW

Tala Bashmi (Bahrain) NEW

Talib Hudda (Canada) NEW
Thomas & Mathias Sühring (Germany)
Tom Aikens (UK) NEW
Tóth Szilárd (Hungary) NEW
Tristin Farmer (UK)
Vaughan Mabee (New Zeland) NEW
Vicky Cheng (Hong Kong)
Vicky Lau (Hong Kong)
Victor Arguinzoniz (Spain) NEW
Virgilio Martinez (Peru)
Vladimir Mukhin (Russia)
Xrysw Ruelas & Oscar Segundo (Mexico) NEW

Yannick Alleno (France)
Yoshihiro Narisawa (Japan)
Yusuke Namai (Japan) NEW
Yusuke Takada (Japan)

Joel Gudheimsson
I'm a vice principal at a culinary School writing about the things I think is interesting In the culinary industry, world wide.
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