Oct 25, 2022 1 min read

Time for training: Bocuse D'Or

I’m Thilda Mårtensson and I'm going to share some thoughts about my upcoming Bocuse D'or trip to the World Championship in Lyon January 2023. From the private ones on the side and how to combine them with everything while doing the competition.

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One of the competition tasks have been offical, which is the platter. On the platter, the main ingredients are monkfish and scallop, as well as a à part where they should contain blue mussels.

What we are doing now is testing how to cook the fish. At the same time, we work with garnishes where the task is 2 garnishes and they must be vegetarian but may contain milk, eggs and cheese. I like all the raw produce, they are good and can be used to make good things. This will be super fun to compete with those produce.

The little time we have outside of this I usually spend, among other things, at the gym, preferably in the morning. As I get a lot of energy from the training, at the same time I get rid of energy that allows me to concentrate better when I get to the training kitchen on the tasks we have to do. I have also brought in a mental coach that I had during the entire time I competed in bocuse as Comi. I see that as a great help and which means that you see things from more perspectives and get smart advice that I can use in pressured moments during the course and process of the competition. I can also connect this advice to ordinary life without and situations that arise. Something I recommend to many, regardless of whether you compete or not, is to go to a mental coach. Am with friends when the time is right and like to go out to eat at restaurants so I get new inspiration.

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Thilda Mårtensson
I believe in ~ Something can be difficult, but nothing is impossible if you really want it~
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