Aug 17, 2022 2 min read

The Third Annual Licorice Festival: A Celebration of This Unique Ingredient

The Third Annual Licorice Festival: A Celebration of This Unique Ingredient

Sweden is known for its licorice. In fact, it's such a big deal that they have an annual licorice festival! This year's festival is coming up, and there are all sorts of events planned. There will be performances, workshops, and even tasting events. If you're curious about this unique ingredient, or just want to try some new things, the licorice festival is the place to be!

The third annual licorice festival is coming to the town of Helsingborg! There will be performances, workshops and tasting events all focusing on this one ingredient that you never knew existed. With an initiative created by the Licorice factory for more creativity with their black gold (licorices).

The event runs between September 22-25, 2022, but starts slowly already on Tuesday, September 20.

"Ahead of this year's event, we have worked a lot on showcasing licorice's expression and intensity in both taste and visual form, through emotions, art and unique taste experiences. We want to give all licorice lovers something new, teach and inspire them to take advantage of all the uses of licorice. Licorice is hot and interest in licorice is increasing both nationally and globally, which we think is so exciting and fun. We want to give all licorice lovers a unique experience and also introduce licorice in a new form to those who don't like it as a candy. The event is created for everyone and a perfect opportunity to learn, feel, taste and broaden one's views of licorice", says Elin Perlelin, Project Manager and Marketing Manager at Licorice Factory.

About The Licorice Factory

Sweden's first gluten-free premium licorice was launched by Lakritsfabriken in 2011 and today has distribution in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the USA and Iceland. The licorice factory also sells products to stores in Switzerland, France and Great Britain. Now eleven years later, the range has grown and includes several exciting products such as chocolate-dipped licorice with different flavorings as well as licorice raw materials and spice mixes. The liquorice factory in Ramlösa is owned and distributed on the Swedish market by the sister company ScandChoco AB and is part of the Goda Saker AB group.

Lakritsfabriken i Ramlösa – Sveriges första premiumlakrits
Joel Gudheimsson
I'm a vice principal at a culinary School writing about the things I think is interesting In the culinary industry, world wide.
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