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Chef Filip August Bendi wins European bronze medal

Chef Filip August Bendi wins European bronze medal
Photo: Tom Haga

Norway maintains its position as the country with the most Bocuse d’Or awards. On March 24, the talented Norwegian chef Filip August Bendi won the bronze medal in the European competition in 2022.

Norway maintains its position as the country with the most Bocuse d’Or awards. On March 24, the talented Norwegian chef Filip August Bendi won the bronze medal in the European competition in 2022.

Norway's Bocuse candidate, Filip August Bendi, and his team reached the goal of a podium finish in Bocuse d'Or Europe 2022. The bronze medal is also a ticket to the world final in Lyon in 2023.

The fact that Norway's culinary team has once again reached the podium, maintaining its position as THE most awarded country, even before France, demonstrates the extremely high level of Norwegian chefs and gastronomy.

During the competition in Hungary, it was also announced that Trondheim will host the Bocuse d'Or in 2024. Trondheim and Trøndelag is European region of Gastronomy 2022, and the region is considered Norway's premier food region.

Filip August Bendi has worked at several of the world's best restaurants, including Noma in Copenhagen, before returning to Norway to train for the prestigious Bocuse d'Or competition. Today, he also works as creative lead at Thon Hotels, and is based at Hotel Bristol in Oslo.

Norway was awarded with a bronze medal for Bendi's two beautiful dishes inspired by the spring: one based on potatoes, and one based on venison.

One of the top chefs in the world

Last year, two-time Bocuse d’Or Europe winner Christian André Pettersen received his second international bronze medal in the 2021 world final, making him one of the most awarded chefs in the history of the competition.

Pettersen and his Norwegian team have won medals in this extremely demanding competition no less than three times in three years: he won the Bocuse d'Or Europe in 2018, came in third in the international Bocuse d'Or competition in 2019, and won the Bocuse d'Or Europe for a second time in 2020.

The 2021 jury rewarded Pettersen with a bronze medal, cementing the talented Norwegian from the small city of Bodø in Northern Norway's reputation as one of the most extraordinary chefs on the planet.

Most awarded country

Bendi and Pettersen are only two among a wave of innovative and creative Norwegian master chefs leading the culinary revolution that has taken place in Norway in recent years.

Every second year, 24 of the most promising chefs in the world meet in Lyon in France to participate in the world’s most prestigious culinary competition. Since it was first held in 1987, Norway has won five gold, three silver, and four bronze medals in the international competition. Norway, together with France, is the country with the most international Bocuse d’Or awards.

Trondheim and Trøndelag: European Region of Gastronomy 2022

Trondheim will host the European Bocuse d'Or awards in 2024, but already this year the region is the European Region of Gastreonomy.

In the heart of Norway lies the Trøndelag region, a lush band of mountains, fjords, oceans, forests and cultivated land that surrounds Trondheim, the country’s new food destination. The proximity to some of the world’s best ingredients is the backbone of the Trøndelag food culture – not only will you find Michelin restaurants here, but producers and restaurants all over the region that offers unique, unforgettable dining experiences.

When travelling in Trøndelag, don’t miss out on the many local specialties. Trondheim is a gastronomic fairytale in itself, with Michelin-starred restaurants Fagn, Credo and Speilsalen. Right behind the three you’ll find a number of high quality restaurants that offer unique and innovative taste experiences.

All across the region you will find an abundance of farm shops and local producers where you can sample and buy local specialties. Maybe you would even be tempted to try your skills as a brewer, a cheesemaker or a fisherman- or woman?

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I'm a vice principal at a culinary School writing about the things I think is interesting In the culinary industry, world wide.
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