Hello, my name is Thilda Mårtensson and I'm going to share some thoughts about my upcoming Bocuse trip to the WC in Lyon January 2023.

I’m Thilda Mårtensson and I'm going to share some thoughts about my upcoming Bocuse D'or trip to the World Championship in Lyon January 2023. From the private ones on the side and how to combine them with everything while doing the competition.

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Last week we were in Lyon on a magical sponsor trip with Werners who is one of the sponsors of bocuse. It has been a journey of inspiration where, among other things, we went to a place where they make oils and vinegar. There we got to taste different oils and vinegars for inspiration to find new flavor combinations. We also got to go around the factory where they were made and the process.

They surprised us by going up to the Paul Bocuse Institute where their chef school is. They are like a college that you apply to, where you only need a degree, but you don't need to have attended restaurant school before. Up here at the Paul bocuse institute, we also got to meet the French bocuse team and see their training facility. It was fun to see how they build the kitchen and their thinking, how they train, and to sit down and talk to them. They were a nice establishment. The French team were nice and showed us around the school. This was a dream school, there were super nice kitchens that they were in and also a 1 star restaurant that the last year ran. They had a test kitchen where students had to stand and try and create dishes that could then end up on the menu in the restaurant. This training also included that you had to take over a kitchen there for 2 weeks and pretend to create your own restaurant where you had to decorate the dining room and decide the food all by yourself.

One night we stayed up at a vineyard in the country which was very nice and lovely environment all around. It was very beautiful to be in such a place. Second night stayed in central Lyon. Where we had a guided tour with one of the Bocuse d'or winners in the old town where we got to see things that you wouldn't know if you had gone there yourself as a tourist. This trip has been great fun, educational and inspiring to see these things. Now you are even more excited to get there again in January when we have to compete and look forward to them. But first they will be a hard job with a lot of hard work and many hours in the training kitchen.

Thilda Mårtensson
I believe in ~ Something can be difficult, but nothing is impossible if you really want it~
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